About Hannah Shipley

I am a 20 y/o self-taught artist, living in Boone, NC. My passions lie within the study of the human figure. I have studied and admired what makes us different and how we all portray emotion in our own way.I have spent countless hours studying body language, facial expressions and physical feelings, with the goal of trying to allow others to connect and feel what others are going through.

I believe that everyone has something that drives them; mine being expression through art. There are so many passions that each and every one of us cannot grasp to understand. Our differences bring us together to learn and grow into one. We are all different. Every piece of art is different. We are a work of art. You are art.



If you would like to contact me about a commission or a print use the information below:

Email: hannahshipley@yahoo.com

Instagram: hannahshipleyart